Introducing The NGOExpo Project

NGOEXPO is a project launched in January 2021 by GexpoTech as an ICT-led project which aims at providing a platform that enables NGOs and Charitable organizations registered in the Gambia to gain exposure online through the development of a Website.

GexpoTech is an ICT solutions provider with the aim of helping institutions harness the power of digital marketing to drive change, increase their level of engagement,  and grow their brands online.

Our research has shown us that many NGOs operating in The Gambia do not have a website, therefore limiting their exposure to local and international partners. The importance of an online presence of NGOs cannot be overstated, websites are currently the best way to present activities an NGO is involved with to a global audience, therefore, promoting the work of the NGO because there is an available means to update its activities to a global audience.

The NGOExpo project aims at helping all the NGOs operating in The Gambia to have a strong digital presence through the building of highly responsive, secured, attractive, and user-friendly websites for each NGO therefore, helping NGOs to reach a wider audience.

The project comprises two phases, the first phase will entail the building of a website for each NGO that subscribes to the project at no cost while the second phase will involve the hosting and maintaining of these websites which is subjected to a fee based on a chosen plan.

NGO Expo Project Pricing Plan & Features

The core activities of NGO-EXPO are to develop, host, and maintain websites for NGOs. Our Offer: 

  • Free website content development 
  • Monthly hosting fee 
  • Maintenance fee 
  • Training Staffs at no cost 
  • Profiling of NGO 
  • Corporate email accounts 
  • Build a dependable, responsive, and user-friendly website
  • Affordable and flexible payment plan 
  • Domain name registration 
  • Client Support 
  • Free SSL Certificate 

* SSL is the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems, preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred, including potential personal details.

Solution Outline 

Your website would be hosted with a2hosting Hosting Provider using the Turbo Boost Plan. This
will ensure that your website is capable of supporting a high volume of traffic while remaining
fast and protected from malicious entities.

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